Flag Bracket Uses

These Brackets are great for any house, condo or apartment that has a Balcony railing or a fence around a pool. They could be mounted on the fence of a hotel or apartment pool with an open Flag to let guests know the pool is open. These would be great for a realtor having an open house at a condo, you could just mount this bracket to the railing post and hang your open flag for all to see. This is the perfect answer for all the people who want to fly flags, But their HOA or condo associations have rules about screwing anything into the railings. This wont damage the railings and gives a safe & secure option. Now you can show your patroitism, and support our troops and veterans who have fought so hard for our freedom.

***Please use caution when flying your bracket in bad weather conditions and high winds.***


***Please use caution when flying your flag in bad weather conditions and high winds.***

********** Check out our kits, we now offer a white or silver painted aluminum flag pole holder. This might be the best option if you plan on leaving your flag out all the time or if you live on upper floors of a condo or apartment where the winds can be extremely high  *********